Monday, October 13, 2014

Grade 8 Retreat

On Friday, October 10th, McNair Secondary School hosted its annual Grade 8 Retreat. This event has been in effect for several years and serves as a way to have new students become more comfortable with the staff and students in their new school and as a way for students from five different Elementary schools get to know one another. In the past, the Retreat has been done over three days, with outings to Grouse Mountain's Eye of the Wind, Great Canadian Shoreline clean-up, and some Social Responsibility lessons. This year, due to the later start of school, we had to compress the events into one day and decided to go with Ice-Skating, Bowling and lunch at Triangle Road in Richmond.

Students met in the large gym at the start of the day, we took attendance and gave out McNair Marlins t-shirts.  We had 132 Grade 8 students, 15 Senior Mentors and 10 staff participate on the trip.  After taking care of the administration in the morning, we boarded the buses and headed off to the Zone Bowling Centre and the Richmond Ice Centre.

Lining up to get skates

Getting instructions from Mr. Hirayama

Rolling a few frames...

Skating on the ice

Fun times with new friends

This is fun!!

A great time was had by all, as students got to make new friends, have a few laughs and enjoy a very social day.  The Grads of 2019 look to be a very nice group of students, and we hope they had a great time.

Our next great outing will be the Mini-school trip to Strathcona on October 17-20th.  150 students alongside 15 staff make up this memorable event.  I know I am looking forward to it!!!

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