Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Remembering Lorne Bodin

Below are some photos from the Celebration of Life for Lorne Bodin.  It was indeed a fitting tribute to a great human being.  Thanks to everyone for being there, and a special thanks to Mr. Alan Hay for the fantastic photographs.

Lorne's favourite toy (his bike)
The Bodin family
Laughs from the crowd
Jan and Kerri Bodin
Opening Prayer by Mrs. Catherine Fenn
Dr. Harold Nordan
Dr. Nestor Korchinsky
Mr. Brent Berry
Mr. Gary Fuller
Mr. David Fromager "You Raise Me Up"
Mr. Robin Fenn
Mr. Bert Wiens and Ms. Rose Sebellin
 Robbie Armstrong
Manraj Sidhu
McNair Vocal Choir "Hallelujah"
Mr. Paul Schaap
Mr. Rick Hansen, "Hello, my friend"
Rick comforts the family
Mr. Greg Bodin
"Cheers, to a life well-lived!"

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