Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank you

Just a quick note of thanks to each of the many people who helped plan and orchestrate the exceptionally moving Celebration of Life in honour of  Lorne Bodin.  The event was extremely well-attended, and I know that every audience member was touched and could appreciate and identify with every one of the gracious and sincere speakers who took to the stage and spoke of their time with Lorne.

Also, as Greg Bodin spoke about so eloquently in his remarks, the family wishes to thank everyone who did so much to support Lorne and the family through this very challenging time.  Without using names (because there are too many to mention) the visits, calls, food, cards, thoughts, prayers, and being there at the celebration of a life well-lived, were all very much appreciated by the Bodin family.  Your efforts and attendance spoke to how great a friend he was, and how large his impact on so many lives.

Lorne was not always comfortable with some of the attention that was sent his way over the last little while, and certainly would never have wanted a celebration of his life to be anything more than a few people talking quietly amongst each other.  However, if he could have seen the event yesterday, I think he would have felt good about the many lives he so positively affected.

Again, thanks to all who aided in the delivery of the program (behind the scenes, out front and in the audience), and know that your efforts in acknowledging a great man were much appreciated.

As Lorne would say, "Thank you, my friends.  All will be good...."

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