Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recent Highlights

While the past month has been crazy-busy (I wrote some reflections about the work in an earlier post), I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge so many of the great things that I have been fortunate enough to witness and/or participate in during the months of April and May.

On April 17 and 18, the student-run Dance club (under the sponsorship of Mrs. Fuller) collaborated with Steveston-London and McMath Secondary schools to put on a fantastic showcase of incredible dance performances.

At the end of April, Mrs. Galan and Ms. Wu organized their annual ESL trip to Victoria.

Time for High Tea!
To kick off May, on Wednesday, May 1st, Mr. Todd Yamamoto organized his annual Science fieldtrip to Playland. A good time was had by all, and students got the chance to study what they have been learning in the world beyond the walls of our school.
A beautiful day (if you don't mind line-ups)
My favourite ride!
On May 2nd, the J.N. Burnett Fine Arts department members put on our annual Fine Arts Night.  Our Superintendent, Monica Pamer, highlighted our night (among others) in one of her recent blog posts, and as she indicated, the evening was an impressive display of passion and talent.

Sidewalk art
The Jazz Band at work
Anyone hungry?

Who is thirsty?
Good crowds!

On May 3rd, the student-run ARC (Animal Rescue Club), under the guidance of sponsor Ms. Galan, organized its own "Cage-a-thon" to raise money and awareness for the SPCA and what we can all do to help our furry friends.

Looks pretty comfortable!
On May 10th and 11th, Burnett students hosted our 6th Annual Cyclebetes fundraiser.  Another successful event that raised money and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes Research (a cause very important to me).

On May 15th, our school submitted its School Performance Plan.  If interested, feel free to read it here.

On May 16th, the Grads of 2013 had a fantastic evening to enjoy a 3 hour boat cruise around Vancouver Harbour.
Check out the boat!
Beautiful night!
On May 22nd, our Parent Advisory Council hosted its Legacy Scholarship Presentations.  These presentations are a highlight of the year. Students talk to parents about all they have done and learned during their time in high school, and what they are looking to do next. The very inspiring stories leave everyone impressed and the parents have a tough time deciding upon which of the 16 presenters will be awarded with a $400 scholarship.
Getting ready to tell their stories
Also on May 22nd, the Music Department had their annual Spring Concert.

On May 25th, our school hosted the First Annual Lorne Bodin Bike Ride which I have written about here.

On May 30th, our Athletic Director, Cat Bateman, hosted our annual Athletic Awards Banquet.  Unfortunately, I have no photos, but wanted to say congratulations and thank you to all of the athletes, coaches and our hard-working AD, who make such an important part of school experiences happen.

And best of all, throughout the month, I was invited into several classes and was blown away by the great things I saw (below are just a few of the photos from some of the classes I observed).
Displaying a mobile in Ms. Dunn's SS 9 class
Presentations from the Number Devil in Ms. Rodriguez' class
More Number Devil
A Mid-Summer Night's Dream in Ms. Lam's class
Dissecting rats in Ms. Farnden's Biology class
More mobiles in Ms. Dunn's class
Flying motor airplanes in Mr. Bevan's Tech class
Mr. Niessen's class trying to propel all kinds of items
ESL class pen pal letters
Hard at work in Art with Ms. Mrsic
And an appreciation video put together by students for their Chemistry teacher (Mr. Kailley)!

These are just a few of the great things happening all the time at Burnett.  I can't thank enough the fantastic staff and motivated, curious and fun-loving students who help make Burnett such a great place to work and learn.  We only have a couple of weeks left!  Study hard, have some fun and finish strong!

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