Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a week!!!

This past work-week (only four days long following the much-enjoyed Family Day Monday), was a crazy one at J.N. Burnett Secondary School.  After several long days, I look back on it with fondness.  Included in the "week that was"....

Tuesday, Feb 12-Bill 22 Consultations for Semester 2 courses

Wednesday, Feb 13-Parent Program Planning Information night

Thursday, Feb 14-Conference day-Career Awareness and Program Planning for next year.  Plus my wife's birthday and Valentine's day (I asked a few of our talented Glee club students to sing Isn't she Lovely and Happy Birthday, plus purchased a home made cake from a former student)

Friday, Feb 15-My eldest son returning from Carnaval in Quebec with stories to tell
Good times at Carnaval!
All week-Several meetings with new staff, students and parents as well as regular responsibilities

The highlight of the week (Feb 12-15), however, was our school hosting the Senior Boys Richmond Basketball playoffs! 

Cat Bateman, our incredibly hard-working and organized Athletic Director, with the help of her PE 10 Incentive class and a crew of volunteer student scorekeepers and staff game directors put in many late nights (until after 10:30 PM both Tuesday and Wednesday) to host a great tournament that was enjoyed by all participants and spectators.

Getting ready to play!

Good crowd, great game!

Our very talented team made it to the finals with solid victories over Steveston-London and McRoberts and faced arch-rival R.C. Palmer for the title on Friday night.  The gym was packed and fans from both schools cheered passionately  but respectfully for their sides.  There were several teachers in attendance to acknowledge the efforts of their students (something that I know is much appreciated by the kids).  The student-athletes competed incredibly hard from the beginning of the game, and the contest was extremely entertaining as both teams came out shooting the ball well.  Palmer took control of the game with continued great shooting in the second quarter, while Burnett fell into some foul trouble.  Down 23 at halftime (60-37), our team was in danger of losing touch, but with an incredible display of character the boys clawed their way back into the game, reducing the lead to 6 points at one time in the fourth quarter.  A couple of big baskets for Palmer quieted the crowd and the final score ended at 91-82 for the Griffins.  A tough loss for the Breakers, but the display of character and never giving up by our athletes told a story that speaks very highly of the people they are.

It truly was enjoyable to be in the gym every evening after school.  Kids working hard and competing plus the energy and respect shown by the fans and the athletes for each other made me very proud to be part of this great school and community.  Good luck next week at the Lower Mainland tournament to both teams, especially our Senior Boys and their coach Bernard Lim.  Special thanks again to our Athletic Director Cat Bateman and her hard working crew of helpers who made the tournament such a huge success.

Another special thanks (and Happy Birthday) also goes to my wife and children for being so supportive despite my absence from home this week.

Weeks like the one just past are tiring beyond words, but I am always amazed at the talents and efforts put forth by our students and staff.  Those efforts give me so much energy and enjoyment that I can not imagine another line of work that would be more challenging yet invigorating.  I am exhausted, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Congratulations on a job well done!  Go Breakers!!!

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