Thursday, April 7, 2011

10 Picture Tour of J.N. Burnett Secondary

Last week, Cale Birk (Principal at South Kamloops Secondary School) proposed that people in his Personal Learning Network take some photographs of their school to give others an idea of what their learning environment looks like. 

He posted some photos of his school here, and challenged us to do the same.

I thought it was a great idea, and equipped with a substandard cellphone camera and no eye for photography, I decided to enlist the help of a couple of our Senior Photography students to give their perspective of what our school is all about.

Below is a 10 photo tour of Burnett Secondary School in Richmond, B.C.  It is a great place to work and learn, filled with 1250 enthusiastic and friendly students, and progressive, passionate educators.  Special thanks to photographers Bernard Patascil and Wendel Genosa.

Overlooking our Multipurpose area/cafeteria

Outside one of the many hubs of activity-the library

Looking down the hallway at some of the past Grad composites

The student managed store-I love the name...Passion!

Hard at work making cream puffs!

Working on a Biology lab

A Physical Education class playing badminton

The other student-run school store

Student artwork outside the art rooms

We are Breakers!  We have slogans all around the school. 
"Breakers Believe in the Power of their Dreams"

Just had to add one more.  A sunny afternoon in beautiful Richmond.


  1. Great shots Jason! We should have all schools do this and post it on the district website.

  2. Thanks, Glenn. I got the idea from Cale Birk (Principal at South Kamloops). It was fun (but I had to get some students with a better eye and a better camera than I). It would be great to put photos of each of the schools on the district web site.