Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feeder School Basketball Tournament

The last few weeks before Spring Break are always very busy at schools.  Interim reports, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Program Planning for next year's timetable, Professional Development conversations, the school Drama Production (which I am going to watch tonight), and so many other things going on make it an exciting but exhausting time of year. 

One of the most exciting things of March is always the Feeder School Basketball Tournament.  Last night our gym was alive with the excitement of 3 boys and 4 girls basketball teams from neighboring elementary schools playing games that for them are the highlight of the season.  We do many things to help welcome new students to our school, and this is one of the most memorable.  The elementary students are excited about playing on the big floor, in front of lots of people, and getting to see what life is like in the school they are soon to enter. 

Another fantastic element of the Feeder school tournament is that the entire event is run by students.  Ms. Catherine Bateman's PE 10 Incentive class has been planning the event, inviting the teams, scheduling referees and scorekeepers, setting up a concession stand and putting together packages for the visiting coaches.  Highlights of the event, aside from the games, include a welcoming ceremony, a Hot Shots shooting competition and a poster contest.  The tournament was exceptionally well run, and the students involved in it learn much about event organization, how to work with others and they all get very excited about seeing their former elementary school teachers.  Their happiness about seeing former teachers is a great reminder of how important the relationships we develop with our students.

A special thanks goes out to all the students who organized the tournament, Ms. Bateman for her leadership,  the parents and students who came to support the event, and of course the athletes who put on quite a show.  We look forward to working with all of you next year, when you officially become Breakers!
Also, special thanks to school photog, Ms. Moreen Takada for the great action shots!

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